We created the options catalog for our own contracting company. We provided it to our customers in order to push option sales. The profit margins built into options are typically on the high side. Therefore, the more options that you can push, the higher your total net profit margins will be. 

The catalog is a Microsoft Publisher document so you must have Microsoft Publisher. You'll need to edit the document to include your company information. You can also choose to edit the options contained within the catalog. Once the document is ready, you'll print it. It is formatted to be printed on both sides of standard 11 x 8.5 paper. These pages will be folded in half to form a 8.5" x 5.5" catalog. You'll need to staple the catalog in the folded seam. There are staplers designed for this purpose.

Click here to a view a video showing the catalog.

The catalog document may be purchased by clicking here. To be honest with you, with the amount of time that it took to create the document, we wish we could have bought it for the price that we're selling it for.